Monday, 18 July 2011

Why football does not need Adebayor and Diouf

It’s that time of year again. Pre-season is upon us with all the hopes and expectations that brings.

Fans can stick on their new club’s shirt and dream of silverware or promotion to go along with a big name signing.

Managers have licence to push chairmen for the one missing piece of the jigsaw and players find out if all that booze and junk food was really worth it.

All is well with the world - except in a few dark corners of the game where greed, petulance and childishness are flourishing like algae in a kids paddling pool.

For whilst the pics of t-shirted players sweating in the sun are whetting the appetite of most football fans, the games troublemakers are well, making trouble.

Step forward footballing mercenary number one, Emmanuel Adebayor. Yes, the man who thankfully survived an armed attack on the Togo team coach that killed three of his countrymen but still felt compelled to wear a t-shirt depicting a gun at a subsequent rap concert.

The former Arsenal striker has a high opinion of himself, brought on partly because of the crazy £140,000-a-week wages afforded to him by City.

But in being told he was to train with the kids whilst the rest of Roberto Mancini’s men head off on tour to the US, he spat his dummy out.

Making Veronica Salt look like Mother Theresa, he downed tools and went off to sulk. Now he’s pledging himself to Real Madrid, that bastion of the Spanish game he feels are the only club worthy of his talents.

Whilst the Togo striker conducts his own private sit-in at a millionaires mansion in Manchester, he should reflect that even perennial bad boy Craig Bellamy has turned up to train with the stiffs. At least the Welshman is man enough to take his medicine as he waits for a move.

Next up is football’s favourite pantomine villain El-Hadji Diouf. Only Colonel Gadaffi matches the sleazy spittoon champ in his lack of self-awarness over just how much he is hated.

Banished from Blackburn he spent time on loan at Rangers last season, only to pop up days before Rovers do-or-die season finale at Wolves showing off an SPL champions medal he did little to win.

Kicked out once again to allow Blackburn to concentrate on matters at hand, he has not been seen or heard of in Lancashire since. In truth, a situation Blackburn are not unhappy with.

Neither manchild deserves a penny of their wages or a place in the game.

And talking of wages, that brings us on to that poor misguided fool Luka Modric. Desperate to push through a move to Chelsea he handed in a transfer request this week.

Spurs are sticking to their guns. And with Modric signing a five-year deal less than 12 months ago, why not?

The Croat is screaming blue murder, claiming Tottenham ringmaster Daniel Levy is going back on a verbal promise to sell him.

Levy is not the figure Modric should aim his attacks at. Try your agent pal. Why didn’t he get the clause stuck in that sparkling new contract you happily penned.

There are many miscreants holding clubs to ranson right now. The chancers and clueless, all believing they are hard done by, all of them deluded.

This summer over 700 players were thrust out of their clubs and left facing life on the dole. It’s a pity the likes of Diouf and Adebayor were not among them.

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