Sunday, 28 August 2011

How Fergie beat Wenger at his own game.

One is a crotchety old bugger as unyielding as the metal used in the shipyards he frequented as youth.
The other an educated Frenchman, revered by his fawning acolytes for introducing science to a game built on brawn.
Both men can proudly point to their part in revolutionising the Premier League, both can sweep an arm around a trophy room to present validations of their ideas.
But only one of them will go into today's clash with a smirk on his face. A little grin that suggests he knows where superiority now lies in a relationship less testy than it used to be.
For Sir Alex Ferguson, today represents an opportunity to acclaim his total dominance over Wenger.
Of course, he holds the upper hand in the records books. Four Premier League titles and a Champions League victory since Arsenal won anything means that goes without saying.
United have pulled away whilst the perpetual experiment continued at the Emirates, slurping back champagne whilst Arsenal spat out bitter lemons.
And now Ferguson has the chance to beat Wenger at his own game.
Ever since Arsenal lifted the FA Cup in 2005, the Frenchman has chased his dream of winning with a young home grown team.
He has thrown in the brilliant, the brash and the boastful in an attempt to find a recipe for success and been repaid with a blank.
There have been tweaks and realignments but still the silverware has not come. Arsenal's kids, dragged in from around the world have not proved to be world beaters.
And today they will be given a beating by a Manchester United side the Arsenal boss can only dream of managing.
Ferguson has seen Wenger and raised him. Watched the professor mix potions in test tubes whilst already possessing the magic formula.
And now he will reveal all by sending out a team of spring chickens at Old Trafford with an average age lower than the Gunners.
Academy recruits Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck lead the charge with David de Gea, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling proving the best of the imported young talent.
All young, all rising to the challenge, all better than Arsenal possess - with the exception of the injured Jack Wilshere.
All of them proof that Ferguson is the grandmaster of the English game. He has pitched up on Wenger's turf and stuck his flag into the mud to claim the righteous ground as protector of the modern game.
For he is producing the next generation of stars to benefit England. Just as he did with his original fledglings.
Ferguson believes this United team could be one of his best and a saddened Wenger can do nothing but agree with him.
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  1. Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison will also join this talented team of players sometime this season and then we will be unstoppable :)