Sunday, 2 October 2011

City's top dogs at fault for Tevez mess


They pulled the shutters down quicker than a Big Brother floozy jumping into her bikini when a  hint of sunshine appears.

It took a matter of hours before an internal investigation was called, an action which in reality helps them hide away whilst working out the best strategy to come out of the dung heap of this 
Carlos Tevez mess smelling of roses.

The move ensured the finger of blame has been diverted away from pointing straight at the guilty men in the Blues board room when they should be strung up for this almighty muddle.

Don’t get me wrong, the self-obsessed Tevez deserves the raging admonishment that has come his way. His refusal to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his team-mates in their Munich hour of need and look after his own interests instead showed us all we need to know about the Argentine’s true colours. Sadly for Roberto Mancini, it’s dollar green and not City blue

But it was a wrangle waiting to happen since the blinds were drawn on the transfer window and Tevez was left in the dark about his future. That was the day he gave up on City. City should have given up on him long before.

Once Sergio Aguero was in the bag, Blues deal maker Brian Marwood’s fingers were crossed that a big bid would drop for Tevez when he really should have been using them to thumb through his contact book offering all and sundry a bargain.

It was imperative Tevez was kicked out of the door as quickly as possible. Every day he spent on the payroll was a day closer to him taking the nuclear option. The missile exploded in Munich.

As much as it would have hurt the Blues to miss out on an extra £20m on his transfer fee, it made no sense to keep him.

All they had to do was look down the road at United to see that. The master of man-management knows it is suicide to let an unhappy soul contaminate his dressing room.

I was told just this week of a coach’s visit to see Sir Alex recently to talk about managing players. Fergie impressed on him the need to get rid of any potential troublemakers - whatever the cost.

That is the secret of his success in a winning spell that looks like it could go on for longer than Coronation Street.

Just think back. David Beckham grew too big for his breeches and was booted out to Real Madrid. Ruud van Nistelrooy found himself rigged up with a ticket to join him following a row with Ronaldo.

And here’s one I may have had a helping hand in as a ghostwriter of Jaap Stam’s book, which stirred up the wrong kind of headlines and led to him leaving for Lazio.

If Manchester City are intent on becoming masters of the universe they must follow United’s template. Luckily they have deep enough pockets to do so.

Right now drastic action must be taken. Tevez should be told to fly home for a three month holiday before being sold on to the first taker. Only then the cancer will be removed from the team. 

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