Saturday, 5 November 2011

Diao reveals he could have gone blind

Lucky Stoke midfielder Salif Diao has revealed how close he was to going blind after banging his head in a Carling Cup win over Spurs recently.

The Senegal star bravely dived in to head the ball at goal and suffered a sickening blow to his face.

And although at the time he just shook it off and carried on, the ex-Liverpool man now admits the incident back in September could have been blinded him.

He said: ``I was feeling OK, but there was a fracture and at the end of the game, I sneezed.

``Apparently, I shouldn't have sneezed because the air goes up through your nose.

``That meant I went for a scan and it showed a triple fracture. They said I could have lost my sight if there had been any contact on the injury."

Diao had surgery and has been playing with a face mask in recent weeks to try and protect the injury.

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