Thursday, 10 November 2011

Rochina says Blackburn is better than Barcelona

Reuben Rochina reckons he's had a better football education at Blackburn than Barcelona!

The 20-year-old spent seven years in the Spanish club's famed youth system before signing for struggling Rovers in January for £500,000.

And he is convinced fighting it out at the bottom of the table for Blackburn has taught him more about the game than rubbing shoulders with Lionel Messi.

He said: ``I am a better player now, of course I am. When you play in the Premier League you take the experience. I am a better player now than I was before.

``I am very happy that I am here and the most important thing is the team and that I do my best to help Blackburn Rovers. I am very much enjoying it here.

``It is hard. The Premier League is a hard league but I am working hard every training session and every game. There is more running now than when I was at Barcelona - too much more!


``When I was at Barcelona we usually had 70 per cent possession of the ball, but not here. But I like the difference, it is no problem for me.

``I spend more time in defence, especially against the good teams but I think when we play teams on another level it is different because we will have more possession of the ball.”

Rochina admits he has changed his mind set about how to play the game having quit the European kings for life in Lancashire.

He added: ``In Barcelona usually you must win every game, but in England it is a difficult league, all the teams are very good teams and have very good players.

``In Barcelona you must play well but as a big team you win all the games. That means you don’t have to play well and work hard like you do here.''

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