Sunday, 13 November 2011

Time for moaning Dalglish to shut up

He loves a moan does our Kenny.

Earlier this season it was those damn refs, who simply refused to let Liverpool get away with murder.

Then it was the FA he targeted for the length of their enquiry into Luis Suarez's spat with Patrice Evra.

Now it's those idiots at fixtures central that want Liverpool to play twice in three days.

Dalglish is fuming at having to face Chelsea in a Carling Cup quarter-final just 48 hours after taking on Manchester City later this month.

He snapped: ``It is disgraceful in this day and age players are being asked to play a key Premier League game on Sunday and then a League Cup quarter-final in London just 48 hours later.''

And I thought Fergie was bad.

It doesn't take much to make Kenny kick-off.

His latest gripe is the most laughable. With a touch of PR spin he is pleading with his own fans to stay away as he's only using the kids.

Clear the smokescreen and it's obvious he's taking another pop at the men in suits for dealing Liverpool a bad hand.

He's not use to that having been part of a Reds set-up in the 1980's that ran the game. Try getting a penalty at Anfield back in those days.

Things are different now. Liverpool are no longer a dominant force. They snatch at the leftovers when the big boys have finished dinning.

After years of mismanagement at the head of the organisation Liverpool no longer have the right ear when it comes to getting their grumbles heard.

There are other louder, more significant voices in the playground now.

So Kenny should get back to the coaching ground and start work on the only way Liverpool can once again throw their weight around - by making them winners.

And if he thinks this fixture pile up is tricky, how is he going to cope if his team are ever successful again?

Could he possibly manage if Liverpool managed to make it back into the Europa League and face the problems Stoke are currently fighting through.

So far those poor Potters have played in Turkey and Israel on a Thursday and then faced an away game in the Premier League three days later.

But there has been no white flag raised at the Britannia Stadium. Despite only dreaming of the resources available at Anfield, their manager Tony Pulis has got on with the job in hand.

If only Kenny could do that. His latest pop certainly won't have gone down well in the dressing room.

He makes his senior players look weak by suggesting they are unable to play twice in such a short space of time.

And he makes his junior players look poor by proposing the idea they are not worth the entrance fee.

Even if there is some credence to Dalglish's argument, it should have been made after the game.

How much better would it have sounded if Kenny had fired a blast at the authorities on the back of a much heralded shock win by his youngsters? 


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  1. Interesting that you say Stoke and Pulis have got on with the job without complaining yet on 31 October you wrote about Pulis complaining about the fixtures. You didn't call Pulis a moaner though!