Sunday, 27 November 2011

United must cough up the cash Modric right now

It’s time for Sir Alex to use that 25 years of credit he’s built up at Old Trafford.

Time for him to put some serious pressure on the Glazers to release that £90m they have hidden away since the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

For a couple of years they have been holding on to it tighter than a high-wire traipse artist but it's time for Fergie to act.

Why? Because he needs to open up United’s wallet and pay whatever it takes to land Luka Modric.

Chelsea had a nibble in the summer only to give up when Spurs turned all ``Sopranos'' in the negotiations and the Blues snapped up Juan Mata instead.

Lucky for United that. It means the one decent playmaker left in Europe who is eligible for Champions League is still available.

Modric is just the player United need to make them tick. A silky skilled trickster with an eye for a pass and the ability to dribble into dangerous areas.

Forget shoving raging bull Rooney back into midfield. United need a talent to match the finesse of David Silva.

Modric fits the bill perfectly. Gary Neville knows it. He was singing the Croatian’s praises having watched him orchestrate a Spurs win over Villa on Monday night. No doubt Ferguson knows it as well.

United do have to pay over the top to land him. It won't be the first time - remember the £30m Rio Ferdinand cost?

But if they are to shout down their noisy neighbours, they can’t expect to do it on the cheap. Success costs these days.

The problem may well be the Glazers desire to keep the cash under the mattress to pay off their own debts, or even use the money as collateral to take out more credit.

It would be a false economy though. United are already behind City and need a special player to catch up and retain the title that is crucial to their money-making plans. Modric is that man to keep the Reds on top. Time to cough up United.

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