Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Penny Finally Drops for Kean

The penny has finally dropped for under fire Blackburn boss Steve Kean.

The eternal optimist has spent the first third of the season telling anyone who will listen that Rovers are on the up whilst watching his side slide down the table.

He's cracked on about rival managers like Harry Redknapp giving him a pat on the back for how well Blackburn have played in defeat.

But with 13 games gone, and only a single victory in the bank, Kean has at last come to the conclusion that positive words are not enough to keep Blackburn in the Premier League.

Ahead of a batch of winnable games, starting with Swansea today, he finally accepts it's points not platitudes that Rovers need.

And he needs them quick with several directors now considering axing him if his side fail to beat Swansea.

He said: ``We've played and done well against a number of big clubs but its about victories now.

``There's a time when you can take positives from the way you play - butwhat we need to do now is take some points. We need to perform in these games.

``These games are now cup finals for us.''

It would be an opportune time for Blackburn to snatch a rare win with Kean facing a board meeting on Monday.

But even if Rovers lose to a Swansea team managed by his pal Brendan Rodgers, Kean insists his future will not be on the agenda.

He added: ``We have a board meeting on Monday when we'll discuss the transfer window again.

``They are concerned about the position we are in, but the owners are still 100 per cent supportive.

``They are behind everything we are trying to do and I think they are excited about the run of games we've got coming up.''

Kean has already held talks with director Vineeth Rao and Simon Hunt about his transfer budget with a striker top of his list.

He added: ``Nothing was said about the league position. This was only to discuss what we are going to do in January, positions that we want to get in new players and starting that whole process.

``There are times in other meetings when you will discuss the other things. This was just a meeting to discuss transfer targets and transfer funds.

``We will progress to talk and try and get people in. We always like to strengthen so hopefully two and possibly three could come in. We would like a centre forward.

``We have been chasing a number of targets in that area. We have a good chance of getting one in.

``It will be harder to get someone in if we are in the bottom three, but we don't intend to be in that position.

``We have a group of games where we can add points and we feel as though we have an attractive club that can attract people to it.

``We are a young club and if we can the senior players back the mix will be good.''

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