Friday, 16 December 2011

Torres Tipped To Be Chelsea's Title-winning Hero

Fernando Torres is destined to swap his sulking on the subs bench for a hero's role as the man who fired Chelsea to the title.

Since being part of a Blues team blown away in the 5-3 defeat by Arsenal on October 29, the Spanish star has been dumped on the bench.

His only starts have come in the lesser games like the Champions League clash with Genk and Carling Cup defeat by Liverpool, with Didier Drogba leading the line in the big matches.

But Wigan boss Roberto Martinez is predicting a sensational second half of the campaign for his fellow countryman with a key part in a title win and a Euro 2012 medal on the agenda.

Torres faces Martinez's Wigan side on Saturday with just three goals to his name since his £50m move from Chelsea in January.

And the Latics chief fears the World Cup winner is about to explode back on to the scene for Andre Villa-Boas' side.

He said: ``Fernando is going to have a major say in the title because he can come into the side refreshed at a time when other teams are having a bigger demand on the players they can use.

``I feel Fernando has not been affected at all by the talk. He is just getting ready for his chance and when it comes, he will take it.

``The team is doing really well and that helps. Sometimes to find your own form you rely on the team and that can trigger your own form.

``When a team is struggling to find itself it can have a negative affect on you.

``But the moment the team is in now, with those wins over Valencia and Manchester City, probably is the perfect platform for him.''

He added: ``Torres looked refreshed this season, he looked fit and in many ways looked like the player who scored all those goals at Liverpool.

``A good player does not become a bad player overnight. It is just moments of form and those moments of form are triggered by key moments. That could be a goal, a good run or the team doing well.''

Martinez has dismissed the doom-mongers who continue to point out the current deficiencies in the striker's play.

He said: ``The season started really well for Torres but we highlighted the things he didn't do well.

``In football that is easy to do. If you want to see how good Maradona was at tackling, we could focus on it and he would get hammered.

``Torres started well, but then he had the sending off against Swansea and Didier Drogba came in and did well.

``That has probably forced him to take a backstage role but he will be a key man when needed.''

Wigan's boss also revealed Torres is being boosted by support from back home in Spain.

There he has legendary status for his part in the Euro and World Cup double wins that elevated the country to their status the best team on the planet.

Martinez said: ``There is a real understanding in Spain about his situation. They know he is in a big team and there is a transitional period with Anelka and Alex leaving.


``There is an excitement looking forward to how the season is going to finish for him.

``The rest of the season is going to be a key time for him to get into the Chelsea team so he can play for Spain and defend their Euro title.

``They are expecting he is going to have very good second half of the campaign. People in Spain believe that will happen and he will take his form into the Euro's.

``We know he took the chance by going to the World Cup when he wasn't 100 per cent.

``But the desire he showed in wanting to do well for Spain was appreciated.'' 

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