Sunday, 1 January 2012

Why Henry's Return Is A Blight On The Premier League

Thierry Henry. Top bloke, brilliant player. One of the few that deserve the tag of being a ``legend'' for his service to Arsenal.

I can see exactly why Arsene Wenger is bringing him to Arsenal on loan for a couple of months to help out.

But do I want to see him back in the Premier League? No chance.

Not that I have anything against Henry. Not many do.

I just can't square it with my sense of fair play that Henry and his like are allowed to parachute into English football for a couple of months and then disappear.

Landon Donovan is also about to pop up in Everton's colours again for a cameo, making a mockery of the English game.

If he could only swallow his pride and sign for a side that is not Manchester United, David Beckham would also be jumping on the Premier League junket.

But allowing players to sign for a couple of months makes a mockery of the league.

They pop in, play a few matches so they can stay fit and then sod off back to the golden riches of America's Major Soccer League.

How can we proclaim the Premier League is the best in the world when a tin pot league like the MLS sends its players over here to keep fit.

What next, players from Russia and Poland having a couple of games whilst their club enjoys a winter break.

I know there is an argument that any team can tap up the MSL for a player - just like Arsenal and Everton have done.

But why would you? This is a league where Kasey Keller, remember him, was voted the best keeper at the age of 42.

There certainly isn't much call for San Jose Earthquakes striker Chris Wondolowski or that Houston Dynamo legend Brad Davis - both of whom made the MLS's team of the year.

By allowing the likes of Henry to drop in for a quick hello, the Premier League is damaging its integrity.

It would be like inviting a smattering of Harlem Globe Trotters to pitch up in the NBA when that basketball circus is having a month off from touring. Would that happen? What do you think?

Premier League teams should be barred from signing any player on loan unless he stays for a full six months.

That would stop this shambolic abuse of our footballing values. How would Chelsea feel if Henry takes over from Robin van Persie in scoring a hatful of goals that deny them a place in the Champions League?

This is serious stuff. A month or two of Henry could deny a team the chance to collect the lottery jackpot of a Champions League place.

Donovan's displays could save a struggling Everton from the drop - sending a rival tumbling to relegation instead. Their impact on the league could be massive.

In fact, their short-term influence could determine the long-term future for Premier League clubs. That is why I'm so against this gimmick.

So thanks Thierry. But no thanks. If you want to stay in shape get a guest pass for LA Fitness.

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