Friday, 10 February 2012

England Will Regret Letting Capello Go - Says Martinez

Roberto Martinez claims England will live to regret letting Fabio Capello walk away from the top job.

The Wigan boss believes the transformation work Capello carried out on the national team has not been fully understood.

And Martinez is convinced fans will look back one day and realise the folly of letting the Italian quit in the wake of the John Terry captaincy saga.

He said: “What is a real shame is that Fabio’s not going to be leading the England team in the Euros because I feel that what he’s done since the disappointment of the World Cup is take the England side into a different level.

``He has done a great job in terms of bringing new young players into the scene, giving them a different tactical awareness and creating a team adaptable to do different things to try to get a result like they did against Spain.

``Then they adapted extremely well to be competitive and getting a well-deserved win.

``I believe Fabio Capello will probably be missed in years to come rather than now because it’s all too easy to criticise the man in charge of the team in a frustrating World Cup but it was a frustrating World Cup for many teams.''

Martinez feels the Italian can look back with pride at the job he did for the FA.

He said: ``It depends how you want to assess his job. I love to assess from a football point of view what happens on a football pitch.

``He’s brought a disciplined air to that group, a real professionalism, tactical flexibility which we saw clearly against Spain that they knew how to win a football game.

``It’s very difficult to remove an old generation and slowly bring new players in and I think he’s done that with ease and a real transition and the new manager is going to get the benefit of the good work of Fabio Capello.

“It might look unfashionable for whatever reason and it was easy for everyone to criticise Fabio and it was a real shame. His time in England in the last four years is going to be appreciated in years to come rather than now.''

Capello's refusal to back down over the Terry row did not stun the Spaniard Martinez.

He said: ``It doesn’t surprise me. You look at his track record and his career, his experiences and he’s always the man in control with his players.

``Any decision that is made about his players isn’t easy to accept for any manager. In that way I don’t think it’s a real shock.

``It happens so many times that it’s a real cultural shock for foreign people working in our football and it’s not a surprise for me that he’s decided to do that.''

With Harry Redknapp favourite to take over the England job, Martinez believes the Spurs boss is going to benefit from Capello's hard work.

He added: “Harry Redknapp is the obvious candidate and this is probably at the perfect time in his career and he will be an obvious candidate.

``Whoever takes over is going to take a lot of Fabio Capello’s good work and now he’s not getting the credit for that.”

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