Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fergie - It's A Only Matter Of Time Till FA Appoint 'Arry

Alex Ferguson reckons this is going to be the last time he goes head-to-head with Harry Redknapp.

For Fergie is convinced the Spurs boss will be named England manager before the summer Euros tournament.

He is convinced the FA is only delaying approaching his old pal for the post that would probably be the last appointment of Redknapp's career until later in the season.

He admitted: ``I think it will be the last time I come up against him.

``I think it is inevitable, I really do. I don’t see anybody else for the job.

``They are talking about a list and all the rest of it but with the public mood about Harry the FA would be panicking if they couldn't get him.

``The drive and energy is all about Harry and I think it is the right one.''

Ferguson has analysed how Redknapp's departure will affect Spurs in the long term and believes it will lead to a drop off in form initially.

That's news that will boost United fans fearing the London outfit are capable of becoming major players at football's top table.

He added: ``They are starting again, aren’t they? When a manager like Harry’s experience leaves a club like 
Tottenham where he has changed the whole thing round for the last few years things have to change.

``OK he will leave a lot of good players there, no doubt about that. But it is that personality, that experience that you miss, or they are going to miss.

``I think it will bother them initially. I think initially because the momentum is with them.''

Ferguson believes Redknapp's success as a manager is 
down to a factor they share in their makeup - being able to deal with big name players.

The Reds chief famously booted out David Beckham when 
he felt the midfielder was capable of challenging his authority.

And he believes Redknapp runs his dressing room in a similar autocratic way.

Ferguson added: ``I don’t think it’s a secret. The important thing is your personality is the most important thing at the club.

``When you allow others to have a stronger personality than you, you are struggling. I don’t have any issues with that and never had any issues with that.''

The Spurs game is one of the few big tests United face in their battle  to see off City in the title race.

Once it is out of the way, the Reds only have Manchester City to face out of the teams in the top six. That game crops up on April 30th, and is one of the final games of the campaign.

And Fergie said: ``I don't think any game is particularly easy in the run-in, in reality, because there is a lot issues with regards to pressures on other teams.

``I don't think we will drop many points and neither will City but there will be points dropped by both teams. It is inevitable. It is the nature of this kind of league in the run-in.

``Maybe there is a factor where the progress of either club in the Europa League will have a lot to do with it.

``But if we can keep the momentum going into the City game it will help. It’ll be an important game – the best man wins type thing. It’s not the worst scenario for us.''

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