Sunday, 29 April 2012

Property Tycoon Pedersen Builds Up Survival Hopes

MORTEN Gamst Pedersen is hoping to keep Blackburn in their prime Premier League location after turning himself into a property magnate to try and take his mind off their plight.

The clever Rovers winger has taken up trading in buildings and shares to stop himself from going mad worrying about his side's future.

Away from training Pedersen immerses himself in chats about interest rates and high-yield bonds as he attempts to relieve the stress of Rovers' relegation fight.

He said: ``I love football to bits and it’s a massive thing in my life.

``But if you’re in a relegation battle it’s important to do things that take football off your brain and thoughts, to do things where you can relax.

``If you thought about your work all day, every day it would make you go mad.

``So I have another business that is involved in investments with property, stocks and shares.

``I think it is good. I hang out with friends that are experts and I like to learn new things from them.

``It is also building to a life after football as well and something I can get involved in.''

Having spent the week dabbling in shares, Pedersen believes he will be great mental shape to take on Spurs today.

And with the experience of battling against the drop last season, he reckons Rovers are well placed to pull off another Great Escape.

He added: ``It’s a tough place to be down at the bottom. We managed to stay up last year but it will be tough again.

``It’s not a place you want to be, nobody wants to be there and we would love to be clear now, playing without pressure.

``But when you’re in this position you just have to cope although it is harder to be there than being at the top.

``You always have to look over your shoulder and you can’t look forward.''

At least Pedersen can be comforted by the knowledge he is taking on a Spurs side that is on the slide.

Harry Redknapp's men have won just once in nine games and snatching a win at White Hart Lane does not seem the arduous task it did a couple of months ago.

He added: ``Spurs are playing for the Champions League and we’re playing to stay up.

``There are loads of things like they had to deal with. Things with Harry and England and they’ve got loads of players that will be going to the Euros and maybe they’ve got in mind that they don’t want to be injured.

``We just have to perform and if it’s going to be a scrappy game, it’s going to be a scrappy game and if they make 700 passes and we get a point, we won’t care. The most important thing is to get something out of it.''

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