Monday, 14 May 2012

Alex Ferguson Is Already Plotting City's Downfall

MANCHESTER City may have stripped United of their champion's status but Sir Alex Ferguson is plotting to turn their dreams of dominating the English game into a nightmare.

The Reds chief insists his Old Trafford mob are not afraid of facing a Blues side in future years that has enjoyed the confidence boosting sensation of having a title win behind them.

And he can't wait to get stuck into them next season and put United's `noisy neighbours' back in their box.

He said: ``We just accept this as a challenge. We’ve done that well over the years and we’ll just do exactly the same.

``It’s not a club that’s afraid of that. We’ve always been able to accept that and it’s a challenge for me too. I don’t mind a challenge.”

``It's certainly what keeps me going, definitely, absolutely. It’s taken three years off me and I’m feeling younger already!”

Of course, this is not the first time United have been warned their time as the game's leading force is up.

First Arsenal and then Chelsea, under the big spending Jose Mourinho, suggested as much as they won titles ahead of the Reds.

But this term the Gunners could end the campaign 19 points behind whilst Chelsea failed to even land a Champions League spot.

And for Ferguson, bouncing back from the blow of losing out to City is going to be easy for his men.

He added: ``I would hope that the players would think that way anyway that things aren’t so black.

``You can’t say it does young players good to lose the championship but you hope the experience will help them make things turn out better.

``Players like Ashley Young has now scored ten goals for us which is a good contribution in his first season - there is definitely a goal in that lad. He is a good finisher.

``And we’ve got a good base. It’s like every young player, they have to get that maturity and authority into their game.

``We saw it with Ronaldo and Rooney and we’ll see it with Jones, Smalling and Welbeck, Cleverley, we’ll see that with them.

``They’ve got very good potential and we’ve got the two Da Silvas, the goalkeeper De Gea, there’s a good nucleus of young people in the club.

``We’ve got the next tier of players around the age of 24. Nani’s 25 now, Rooney’s 26, Evans is 23 and they’re young enough to stay with us for a long time, well a few years, and hopefully we can build a team around that nucleus.''

Possibly surprisingly, Ferguson also sees a big role for Michael Carrick in his grand plan for United.

The midfielder has been a consistent performer this term without dominating proceedings, but the 30-year-old is now being heralded as a key player.

``Carrick has had his best season at the club and I’m hopeful that maybe he will have an authority that will stand us in good stead for the next two or three years,'' the Scot added.

``That would be an important role for Carrick to replace Scholes in that department.

``I always think he starts the season slowly but when we started to play him and Scholes together all the time, it was a sensible combination in terms of them both being able to use the ball and take the ball in tight situations.

``Along with Ferdinand and Evans playing regularly together it gave us a strong centre of the pitch.”

And what about Scholes, is he going to be leading the charge next season having come out of retirement to turn United's campaign around?

Ferguson believes he made a mistake in pressurising him too early last term for a decision on his future and intends to wait until mid-summer before popping the question.

He added: ``I haven’t discussed it with him to be honest with you.

`` I think I made that mistake last season talking to him before the season had finished.

``He is better getting the season over and having a break and I may not speak to him before he has been away on holiday.

``I’m not in a hurry about it but think he should know the answer himself to be honest with you.''

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