Friday, 14 September 2012

Alex Ferguson Wants The Sick Songs To Stop

Manchester UnitedAlex Ferguson is hoping this week's Hillsborough revelations is going to bring an end to the sick chants that have dogged the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Both set of fans are guilty of using tasteless songs to taunt opposing supporters.

Whilst United fans have sung about the Hillsborough disaster, Kopities used tunes about the Munich air crash to rile their rivals.

Now Ferguson wants the singing to stop, starting when the two sides square up in nine days time.

He said: "You'd hope that this is a line in the sand in terms of how the fans behave with one another.

"We are two great clubs and we should understand each other's problems in the past. Certainly the reputation of both clubs doesn't deserve it.

"Both clubs have suffered fatalities through football.You hope that fans do behave themselves and support their team and that will be the end of it."

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