Sunday, 2 September 2012

Brendan Rodgers Exclusive - Changes Will Not Backfire

Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers is confident his haste in ripping up the mess left at Liverpool by Kenny Dalglish will not backfire.

Rodgers kicked Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam out of Anfield this week and has told Stuart Downing his future is as a stand-in left back having failed to move him on.

And the seismic shift in recruitment under the new Liverpool boss has seen young bucks Joe Allen and Nuri Sahin turn up in their place.

He had expected more firepower to turn up on Friday and seeing Clint Dempsey slip through his fingers was a painful experience.

But even without the rush of new faces Rodgers wanted to arrive on deadline day, it's not hard to recognise the affect of a rather large broom at Anfield.

His plans are no sea change, there are a tidal wave of new ideas crashing against the jagged rocks left by Dalglish's inept dealings in the transfer market.

From afar you fear Rodgers is doing too much, too quickly.

Just look at what happened with Andre Villas-Boas at Chelsea. 

He got the hose out to wash away the Stamford Bridge old guard and ended up drowning himself.

Rodgers has no need to learn from the Portuguese's misadventure though. He's been through a similar hell himself.

When he pitched up at Reading in June 2009 he was hailed as a managerial genius in the making. 

Six months later the Royals thrust a P45 in his hand and waved him on his way.

He confessed: "My Reading experience was a big learning curve for me.

"I went in there and there was a big change to be made.

"They had just missed out on promotion and players had to go, but I probably tried to change too quickly.

"When I came out of that I was then able to reflect and when I went into my next job at Swansea I was better for that experience and it was likewise coming here."

Rodgers was axed with Reading in 21st spot having picked up just five wins in 21 games.

He simply could not get his ideas across.

Despite losing their opener 3-0 at West Brom, Rodgers believes it will not take long to get Liverpool back on track.

His confidence is bred from having a path plotted out, one designed to restore the pride to one of the most famous names in football.

A first act has been trying to give the players a sense that he is building a dynasty at the club.

He could see the fear in the eyes of his players when he wandered in the door. He could sense them wondering whether their future was under threat.

For some it was, but for the majority there is hope. Rodgers wants them to understand they can relax and look to enjoy their football once again.

He added: "Within the club there has been change as a whole in the last couple of seasons.

"You can't underestimate the instability that has been here for a few years. That affects everyone.

"The change of ownership and lots of change in staff has meant there is a lot of vulnerability.

"I have had to get everyone on board and we have to set sail knowing where we are going.

"It is not complicated. It is actually very, very simple for me to assess the group I have got and look at it terms of how I want to play.

"When you have a certain philosophy it makes it simple. It's like looking for a sports book in a library. You go to that section and it's quite straight forward.

"The problem is when you are not sure what you are looking for. You time and effort looking round the library and you end up with a book you don't want.

"For me it is simple, There are lots of very good players out there that fit the profile of what I want here."

Rodgers certainly has some talent at Liverpool and today's clash with Arsenal is a chance to assess the new boys although a lot of them may be youngsters like Adam Morgan and Raheem Sterling.

He did move out some unwanted stock but was unable to bring in needed new men.

He said: "We have work within the budget. I understand that. You have to respect the owners have already spent millions and millions here."

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