Friday, 7 December 2012

Craig Bellamy Ready to Give Blackburn Shock Treatment

Morten Gamst PedersenMorten Gamst Pedersen reckons Blackburn are in for the electric shock treatment from old boy Craig Bellamy tonight.

The Welsh international returns to Ewood Park hoping to extend Cardiff's gap at the top to four points.

And Pedersen knows the striker is certain to be on his best behaviour - until the referee's whistle blows.

The Norwegian said: “You always get players like that in every team.

“Off the pitch they can be so calm and nice then put them on it and it’s like they get an electric shock.

“When you take the field, it’s game mode. It’s as if you’ve been put in a trance or something.

“People can look like the worst guy in the world on the pitch then off it, they’re very nice."

Pedersen admits he took ear-bashings on a regular basis as Bellamy smashed 17 goals in 32 games before quitting for Liverpool in June 2006

But the stick Bellamy dished out did not upset him.

He added: “Craig was not afraid to say what he thought but I like that. It’s no problem, say what you want.

“If I like it, I’ll take notice. If not, it goes in one ear and out of the other. If you take everything people say on board, you’ll go mad.

“The main thing is Craig was a very good player for us.”

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