Friday, 11 January 2013

Make Rafa Benitez The Boss Or Accept Failure - Says Pulis

Tony Pulis has told Chelsea they face a stark choice – make Rafa Benitez their permanent boss or face plenty more painful defeats before the season's out. 

Interim boss Benitez is under renewed fire from fans following the shock 2-0 Capital One Cup defeat by Swansea on Wednesday.

And his tenure at Stamford Bridge is looking increasingly dodgy as supporters jeer his touchline presence as Chelsea's mixed bag of results at home fuel their anger.

Pulis knows exactly how the Spaniard is feeling after suffering a similar mauling the hands of his own fans when returning to Stoke in June 2006.

Back then livid supporters called for him to be sacked before he won them over by taking the club to the Premier League.

And Pulis reckons Benitez needs the security of knowing his future is safe before he can make his mark at the Bridge.

He said: “I had it when I first came back here after a spell away, and you have to grind it out, you have to get through it and you have to get results.

“That’s what Rafa’ll have to do - he’ll gave to get results.

“If he gets results and gets lucky then he’s got a fantastic football club to build.

“He’s proved before that he can manage at the highest level with the best clubs.

“Given the opportunity and given the chance, who’s to say he couldn’t do it at Chelsea.

“But he needs the opportunity - and it isn’t weeks or months, you have to give people time.

“You have to give him a few years in the job to put everything in place to build a club and get the results that manager wants.

“You can’t do it on a weekly or monthly basis.

“The failure to give him the job is pressure Rafa doesn’t need, it’s pressure the players don’t need and it’s pressure the club don’t need.

“That’s all stimulated by constant change.

“I’m not in charge there, I have no feelings for the club. But I know they have a very rich owner who wants to see them win and win.

“I do believe stability within a club breeds success - and continued success."

Pulis believes the instability caused by the doubt over Benitez's position is making it almost impossible for him to get results.

He added “Chelsea have got some fantastic players.

“But the instability of the club is partly to blame in lots of respects.

“You’ve got to let people get on with their jobs and do the job in good times and bad times.

“Man United have bad runs, Man City, but you have to stick with what you believe.

“Hopefully they’ve picked their manager now and will give him the opportunity

“If you give him the opportunity, they’ll finish in the top four this year.

“After that give him the job and let him have a run at it.”

Pulis believes the best way Roman Abramovich can help Benitez turn Chelsea's season around is by coming out and backing him.

He added: “Supporters have a big say on what happens at clubs in lots of respects.

“That’s why you need a board of directors or a chairman who can come out and say ‘this is what we’re going to do and this is how we’re going to do it. Give us a go, and if you don’t like what’s going on then fine, we’re going to stick with it so get behind the club'.”

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