Saturday, 9 February 2013

Charlie Austin Is Premier League Bound Says Freedman

Bolton boss Dougie Freedman is convinced Burnley hitman Charlie Austin is on his way to the Premier League.

But he is confident watching scouts will not be impressed with his performance at the Reebok today.

Freedman has always known about the striker's potential having tried to sign him when boss at Crystal Palace.

And he said: "I know Charlie a lot, I watched him come through the lower leagues. He is a goalscorer and his all-round game has got better.

"We have done video work on him and we know exactly what his movements are and where he scores his goals.

"If you study him he scores the same kind of goals and then you understand how to stop him.

"But Charlie deserves a pat on the back for what he has done - and day he will play in the Premier League."

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